Welcome: I Am Super Girl (Part 1)

The best place to start is letting you know I am far from perfect but that I am super girl.

I repeat: I am super girl.


This blog is not about me telling you what to do or me complaining or praising my life. It is about me being super real as I linger on the outskirts of my comfort zone and explore new things.

As of today, I have been married to my husband, Adam, 408 days.

Married 408 days...

544 days since he proposed...

And today, July 11th, marks our two year anniversary of him asking me to be his girlfriend on my sister and bro-in-law's snaggle-worn sofa.

Adam and I have been through a lot and we do have many unique circumstances we've been through and quirks about our marriage, our relationship, and us as individuals. But we are not unique in the fact that we are married; that our relationship has had its massive ups and lonely downs. We have faced giants and we have conquered the beasts. Together.

No book could inform me.

No counselor could direct me.

No momma could warn me.

No friend could advise me.

If I could take a poll right now and ask all the singles, all the engaged couples, and then all the newlyweds if they felt prepared for marriage and how it was going to change them as a couple and as an individual, I can't imagine the kind of responses I would get...

But I'm going to find out!

What makes you super girl?

What makes you super man?

What makes you prepared and ready for the adventures that bring joy, fulfillment, obstacles, tears, laughter, and hardships?

What makes you you?

My hopes are to uncover the secrets of marriage, love, and romance. Live. Share. Learn.


"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi